By Air?

Flying can be the perfect travel option if you want to make the most of your long weekend break or if you are joining family and friends already at Razay. Flights can be bought for as little as 1 plus taxes!! Why not fly-drive? Cars can be hired from Tours Airport at very reasonable rates (

Stansted to Tours

Ryan Air ( flies from Stansted to Tours 4 days a week (currently Sunday, Monday, Wednesday & Friday). These times are approximate and can vary from day to day, local time is always stated. France is 1 hour ahead of the UK:

Depart Stansted 11.50hr arrive Tours 14.10hr (1hr 20 flight time).

Depart Tours 14.35hr arrive Stansted 14.55hr (1hr 20 flight time).

There are train connections out of Stansted directly to London and indirectly via Peterborough to Aberdeen , York , Birmingham and Manchester etc. Peterborough is on the main east coast line. Buses out of Stansted: National Express run services to and from Stansted (

Manchester to Tours

Starting in 2012, Ryan Air are running a service from Manchester to Tours 3 days a week (Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday). These times are approximate and can vary from day to day:

Depart Manchester 12.25hr arrive Tours 15.15hr (1hr 50 flight time).

Depart Tours 15.30hr arrive Manchester 16.15hr (1hr 50 flight time).

Southampton to Tours

During the summer months, run a service from Southampton to Tours. Details can be found on the website.

At Tours there is a shuttle coach service into Tours railway station in Tours town centre. Trains out to Montrichard, a 15-minute drive from here, run approximately every 2 hours and the last one is around 8pm . You can hire a car at Tours (pre-arranged). It's a 50-minute drive back to Razay.

Other Flights

Ryan Air also flies the following routes:

Stansted / Poitiers

Prestwick / Paris Beauvais

Dublin / Paris Beauvais

Dublin / Stansted / Tours

Paris Beauvais lies north west of Paris and is about a 1hr train ride from there. Car hire is the usual choice for people coming into Beauvais. It is about a 3-hour drive to Razay. Sometimes you can get special all-in deals, flight and car hire. It's worth investigating if you are coming from Ireland or west of Scotland.

Poitiers to Montrichard via Tours by train would take probably 3 hours or so depending on connections, Montrichard having an infrequent service. It is a one and three quarter hour drive back to Razay.

Car Hire

Most major car hire companies advertise themselves through car hire comparison search engines. They typically do not charge commission and frequently offer exclusive car hire deals. Some car hire comparison search engines, such as or, give an immediate oversight of car hire options from many different car hire companies.

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